Capital Campaign

With your support, we can unite new generations of small business entrepreneurs and work together to transform and Reimagine Baltimore.

We're daring to dream.

Of a Baltimore with bustling businesses downtown.

Of a Baltimore where families enjoy quality time together in parks.

Of a Baltimore where children play with friends in safe communities.

Can you see it?

Incidentally, it's not too far removed from the community Baltimore used to be — and we know it's one we can be again. As we envision a Reimagined Baltimore, we see a critical need to strengthen Baltimore’s small business ecosystem — which will lead to safer and stronger communities in which families can thrive.

Enter the Business Resource Development and Training Center. 

Launching later this year, the Business Resource Development and Training Center will be a new landmark in Baltimore City that inspires, empowers, and invites small business entrepreneurs to Reimagine Baltimore. It will be a civic destination for Baltimore's small business creators, where they can connect and gain access to capital, knowledge, and technical resources.

It will be a source for one-on-one coaching specially designed to help them grow, survive, and thrive. It will be a place where community members, government agencies, business partners, and educational institutions can come together to provide and benefit from these services. Most importantly, the Center will help restore Baltimore back to its former glory, while ushering in a bright new future.

Be part of the change we wish to see and make a contribution to support the Business Resource Development and Training Center today.

For more information, please contact Pat Clements, Major Gift Cultivator at 410-319-0720 or