M&M Educational Services


M&M Educational Services operates an early learning childcare center in addition to tutoring services and special education consulting. During her 18-year career in special education, Ms. Minor noticed that many school-aged children continue moving to the next level but are unprepared for the challenges they confront. She envisioned opening an early learning center that would increase young children’s chances of successful life outcomes through implementation of theories, principles, and practices she had learned over the years.

A loan from Baltimore Community Lending, in addition to revenue from tutoring and her daytime teaching job, allowed Ms. Minor fulfill her dream by opening LIFE Prep Early Learning Center in the Patterson Park neighborhood of Baltimore in the fall of 2020. The funds allowed her to hire a full-time teacher, pay rent, and purchase materials for the center, including PPE required to operate safely. Covering these expenses was particularly challenging during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic. Although opening during the pandemic was not part of Ms. Minor’s original plans, she became determined to do so after recognizing how challenging it was for parents to find childcare during that time. When LIFE Prep opened, many essential workers were able to enroll their children, relieving them of the stress of finding quality care for their children while they were working.