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Waverly Brewing Company Taps Into Supportive Community and Fair Financing

Melissa Yukna’s husband was disappearing for hours late into the night. Melissa wasn’t worried though. She joked that he was having an affair, but she knew he was actually spending his time with their fellow business partners painstakingly cutting, sanding, staining, and painting reclaimed wood planks in an empty warehouse. The planks would later be…

M&G Real Estate Ventures is “Handing Over the Keys” of Affordable Homes

When Gwen and Rupert McCave retired from their careers of 30+ years, they knew it was a stepping stone to their next big adventure: real estate development. But not just any real estate development. They wanted to rehabilitate properties into affordable housing for underserved communities. The couple had plenty of knowledge to draw upon from…

Needles and Stix is building a “sunflower” fashion empire

Fashion is Jessica LaPrade’s destiny. Growing up, Jessica never settled for clothing off-the-rack and loved sketching her own designs; in particular, she remembers drawing her dream fifth-grade graduation dress in full detail. Jessica learned how to bring her visions to life at the Art Institute of Philadelphia, where she worked her way up from remedial…

Hoodfellas Bistro & Catering offers atmosphere, food, and community

On a Tuesday afternoon, Hoodfellas Bistro & Catering is humming with activity as customers enjoy their lunches. Many are on break from performing their civic duty at the courthouse directly across the street, drawn in by the restaurant’s juror’s special – choice of entrée and side dish from a pre fixe menu, plus a soft…

Home Helpers Home Care offers compassionate care for seniors and vulnerable adults

We often think of firefighters putting out fires, risking their lives entering burning buildings to save people, and responding to life-threatening emergencies. People don’t often consider that firefighters are also called upon by elderly, ill, and disabled people to assist with smaller emergencies when they have no one else to turn to. Bianca Wise knows…

Superior Real Estate Management Investing in “Untapped Potential of Baltimore”

Mark Reed was living in Washington, DC in 2017 when he discovered the tremendous untapped potential of investing in Baltimore. He had been investing in real estate in Los Angeles and Washington, DC for nineteen years, and became interested in Baltimore while visiting his girlfriend in East Baltimore. Although he noticed the vacant homes and…

Mayson-Dixon Companies Brings Unique, Cool, Sustainable Apartments to Station North

Mayson-Dixon Companies is a firm based in Baltimore that undoubtedly exemplifies the expression, “A lot can happen in six years.” Founded in 2015 as MD Strategic Consulting, it has since grown into an MBE-certified community development and advocacy firm that can build, supply, engage, manage, and invest in any type of project. Co-founders Jayson Williams…

Fashion Spa House is thriving since receiving a grant from BCL and Truist

If you’re like a lot of people, just the thought of being at the airport may induce feelings of anxiety. But one visit to Fashion Spa House at BWI Airport will leave you feeling uplifted with a smile on your face. It’s not just a clothing and skincare store; it’s a specialty retail experience created…

Melinated House of Beauty

Getting quality beauty supplies hasn’t always been easy for Dinee Russell, a long-time resident of the Hampden neighborhood of Baltimore City. She frequently had to travel to big box stores outside of the city to buy shampoo, conditioner, edge control, and other products formulated for her hair texture. And some of those stores don’t carry…

How Blank Slate is revitalizing Baltimore

Alex Aaron always knew he would go into real estate. Growing up in Virginia, his father showed him how to manage the family’s investment properties; as a teenager, he opted for a summer job as an administrative assistant at a real estate firm. Being immersed in the trade from an early age led Alex to…